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Astrology, Hand Analysis, Management Science and Business Prospects

written by Astrologer Yaschpaule, who practices Indian Astrology and Palmistry at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel, Malaysia

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In this article, I will do my level best to explain how scientific astrology and Hand Analysis (Scientific Palmistry) can help people to be better professional managers and business leaders. I specialise in Hindu (Indian) Astrology and Indian Palmistry.

The Astrology I will be describing has nothing to do with newspaper so-called "Astrology". Newspaper astrology with its vague, generalised predictions has no relevant connection at all with the serious study of Astrology, a proper mathematical horoscope is based upon the date, time and birth of the subject.

I will briefly explain how Astrology and Hand Analysis work. Astrology and Palmistry are the oldest Sciences of the world. These Sciences are at least 6,000 years old and originated in India. The lines in the hand come from the MIND. The Mind in turn acts through the BRAIN. They are definitely not formed by hand movements. The hand is the mirror of the mind. The Conscious Mind reveals the Past and Present. But the Subconscious Mind tells the FUTURE as it has no limitations of TIME and SPACE. LATENT TALENTS are shown in the hand because of the Subconscious Mind.

Let us now analyze the rationale of Astrology. Science knows of three (3) fields of energy. They are Electrical, Magnetic and Gravitational. Our bodies are also made up of these three (3) fields of energy.

The planets are constantly moving among themselves. Changes in the magnetic, electrical and gravitational fields of the planets affect our own three (3) fields of energy. This is the basis of Scientific Astrology. It is from the study of planetary forces that an astrologer is able to make interpretations in terms of human psychology, business prospects, leadership qualities, etc. Astrology is a mathematical science based on Astronomy. Astrology and Palmistry are twin1 inter-related Sciences.

Let us now study the MOUNTS of the hand. See FIGURE 1 for guidance.

J = Jupiter Mount
S = Saturn Mount
A = Sun (Apollo) Mount
M = Mercury Mount
LM = Lower Mars Mount
UM = Upper Mars Mount
V = Venus Mount
M* = Moon Mount
Figure 1

The Mounts are named after the planets that rule human destiny. The muscular pads that are found on the palm below the fingers are called the MOUNTS. They are not to be confused with CALLUSES on the hand. In many cases, the mounts may be displaced. The mounts are formed by the mind acting under the influence of the planets. They are definitely not formed by hand work. Many labourers have flat mounts while intellectuals often have well developed mounts.

Let us study professions from the mounts and the planets.

  • Sun
    This planet deals with government service, timber, forest contracts, wool, medicine, banking and goldsmiths. It is the significator of MANAGEMENT.

  • Moon
    It represents shipping, import-export, food business, milk products confectionery, bakery, plastics and catering.

  • Mars
    It represents development of land1 copper, any manufacturing where fire is used, machine tools1 ornament factories, hardware goods, chemists, druggists and dentists.

  • Mercury
    It represents the middle-men, accountancy, stationery, printing, publishing, radio and other communication media, auditing and interpreters.

  • Jupiter
    It represents lawyers, judges, counsellors, teachers, professors, the clergy, the treasury, temples and churches. It has a lot to do with leadership qualities.

  • Venus
    The professions and business connected with Venus are: silks and expensive textiles, interior decoration, coffee planting, tea estate owning, gemstones, photography, engraving, cartoonist, music, embroidery, flower selling, beautician and perfumes.

  • Saturn
    This planet indicates miners, coal and fuel of every petroleum, real estate business, building contractors, agriculture, heavy machinery, iron, tin, lead, oil seeds, leather goods, hides, excavators and time-pieces.

Here are some signs of the hand.

Let us now study the lines of the hand. Kindly look at Figure 2.

Figure 2 - some lines of the hand

The Fate Line is also called the Line of Saturn. This line shows the material prospects of the subject and his attitude towards his career. Major developments in material circumstances and career are reflected on this line. Thus, a change of company would be shown by a break in the Fate Line. The Fate Line or Saturn Line comes under the influence of the planet Saturn. The SUN LINE is also called the Apollo Line. This line shows the time when the subject feels that his talents are being recognised, and that important ambitions have been achieved. Thus it reveals the period when "sunshine" enters the life of the subject. Thus a CEO who is happy with his job and whose work is appreciated by the Board of Directors will have a deep, clear Sun Line at the corresponding age. The Sun Line comes under the influence of the planet Sun.

The Line of Mercury has a lot to do with business prospects. It should be long and well defined in the hand. Then, with other relevant hand features, it can show bright business prospects and an aptitude for the business world. But should this line be wavy, badly islanded or laddered, the person, with other negative hand features, cannot be an entrepreneur. It would be wise for such a subject to stick to service.

Now let us consider Astrology. Look at Figure 3. It shows the Zodiac Signs and planets. Note that the planet Mars rules the Zodiac Signs of Aries and Scorpio. Venus rules the Zodiac Signs of Taurus and Libra, and so on. Always take the count clockwise. This diagram is based on the pattern of the Southern India School of Astrology.

The next diagram (Figure 4) shows the HOUSE INDICATIONS OF A COMPANY. A horoscope is cast for a company chart when the contract or business is SET INTO NOTION. A method of determining the birth of a company that is not legally incorporated is to cast a company horoscope based on the time it opens its doors for business. Date, time and town of birth - these three (3) factors are required before a mathematical company horoscope can be cast.

If we are interested in investments, we would like to know something about the future of the company or public body, etc. in which we intend to invest our money. As the planets definitely influence the lines of individuals1 it is logical to assert that they also shape the lines of nations1 or companies. After all, these are also made up of a group of individuals. Experience has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that the planets influence the future of companies to a significant degree.

Figure 4

L represents the Ascendant or Lagna as it is called in Sanskrit. The Ascendant refers to the Sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a company or the individual. In this sample horoscope, Jupiter and Moon are setting in the Lagna or Ascendant in the Zodiac Sign of Aries. The Ascendant always represents the FIRST HOUSE of the horoscope.

These are the house indications of a company in detail: -

  • First House
    The nature of the enterprise, its individuality and leadership. It also represents the stockholders.

  • Second House
    Finance and other resources.

  • Third House
    Short journeys, business relations with neighbouring countries, advertising, company correspondence in general.

  • Fourth House
    The original house of the company, investments in land.

  • Fifth House
    Speculative activities, educational enterprises, workshops and seminars.

  • Sixth House
    The state of employees, their efficiency, their physical health and labour problems.

  • Seventh House
    Business partnership, mergers, relations with the public in a variety of ways.

  • Eighth House
    Loans and other credits, the treasurer of the company, the board of directors.

  • Ninth House
    Long term planning, legal matters, vision and mission statements of the company.

  • Tenth House
    The reputation of the executive heads, the CEO.

  • Eleventh House
    The quality of the goods, friendly organizations and intangible assets.

  • Twelfth House
    Secret enemies, subversive activities, research and development.

Now let us see what the planets influence specifically in FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY.

  • Sun
    Gold and gold mining shares.

  • Moon
    Silver and the silver market, instability of share quotations, women working for the company.

  • Mars
    Panic booms and slumps, especially those caused by war scares, the pioneering urge.

  • Mercury
    Transport shares, printing, newspaper publicity and propaganda. It controls all lines of communication.

  • Jupiter
    Prosperity waves, expanding markets.

  • Venus
    Popularity of the company, the working environment, trade and financial recoveries generally, interior decoration.

  • Saturn
    Periods of depression, falling markets, agriculture, real estate.

  • Uranus
    Lightning panics and strikes, sudden scares like the Kobe earthquake, atomic weapons.

  • Neptune
    The company image, the vision of the CEO, mysterious developments in industry and trade

  • Pluto
    Rising labour consciousness, social security measures like health insurance, profit sharing, the concept of nationalisation.

When analysing the affairs of countries, we should consider the Ascendants for various countries listed below:

  • Aries
    England, Germany, Peru, Syria.

  • Taurus
    Ireland, Iran, Poland, Cyprus, Asia Minor. Gemini - USA, Belgium, North Africa, Wales.

  • Cancer
    China, Holland, Canada, New Zealand.

  • Leo
    France, Italy, Sicily, Romania.

  • Virgo
    Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, West Indies.

  • Libra
    Austria, Argentina, Japan, Tibet, Burma.

  • Scorpio
    Brazil, Norway, Morocco.

  • Sagittarius
    Arabia, Australia, Hungary, Spain.

  • Capricorn
    Albania, India, Bulgaria, Mexico.

  • Aquarius
    Russia, Sweden.

  • Pisces
    Portugal, Egypt.

"Any possibility I can be a multi-millionaire?"

FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY is absolutely brilliant for strategic and tactical planning. Let us consider an example. Supposing a client consults a reputable accomplished astrologer and palmist. The client wants to know if he can become and entrepreneur. An astro-palmist is one who is well versed in both the Sciences of Astrology and Palmistry. The astro-palmist studies the hand features and sees that the Mercury Line, representing business, is well formed in both hands. This is confirmed by the strong position of the planets representing business in the birth chart or horoscope. The astrologer says, "Yes, you can safely start a business venture." The client then asks the astrologer, "Any possibility I can be a multi-millionaire?" The astrologer is able to see signs of great wealth in the hands. Also, he knows that there are favourable "Yogas" for wealth, like Lakshmi "Yoga" in the birth chart. "Yoga" is a term in Hindu (Indian) Astrology meaning a planetary combination. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Wealth. The astrologer, "Yes, you will definitely be a multi-millionaire by the age of 45." So this is strategic planning. The client now has a vision and has the confidence to work towards a long-term goal.

Now we come to the tactical planning to realise this worthy goal. The client now asks, "But what business suits me?" The astrologer says, "The planet MOON is well placed in Cancer in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is also in CANCER. So you will do well in the shipping business. This is confirmed by a well-formed Mount of Moon in your hands. There are vertical lines and favourable triangles on the Moon Mount in both hands."

The client now asks, "With which country shall I trade?" The astrologer replies, "As Cancer represents China, Holland, Canada or New Zealand, and it is in your Ascendant, you will do well by trading with any of these countries." Hence a specific country has been pinpointed by making use of Mundane (Political) Astrology.

The client now asks, "When shall I start the business?" By studying the client's birth chart, the astrologer can select the exact day and minute when the business can be launched.

CORRECT TIMING is all-important for a Business Company. All objects in nature are produced in TIME, developed in TIME and destroyed in TIME. The time chosen to launch a company will influence to a significant degree the events affecting the company as it progresses.

There is a branch of astrology called ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY. Elections refers to times chosen by astrologers for the initiation of any work or enterprise of importance, the beginning of journeys, signing of contracts and agreements, getting married, etc. Thus Electrical Astrology deals with initiating auspicious times to get the most favourable results. It is interesting to note that a leading American business astrologer was offered a cool million American dollars to work under exclusive contract to a consortium of venture capitalists.

A leading American business astrologer also has a sound knowledge of Hindu (Indian) astrology. A few years ago, he helped a California biotechnology company that was facing a severe cash crisis. This unhappy situation arose because a silent American investor did not keep his promise and deliver a promised cash infusion. This astrologer selected an exact favourable Astrological Time to send a telex to a Japanese investment company. The California company got a favourable response from the Japanese company the same day. The company was saved from bankruptcy and is now viable.

It is an astrological truth that a company launched at the wrong time will collapse after a short time or encounter enormous unnecessary difficulties. Astrologers disagree with management experts that the collapse of a company was due either to insufficient capitalization or a weak business plan. If a company is launched at the wrong time, a heavy injection of capital will NOT save the company.

Why is it so important to choose the right time to launch a company? This is because choosing the right astrological time to start a company will generate so much positive energy as to neutralize all other negative factors and thus ensure success of the enterprise. The precise time - even to the minute - of launching a new company cannot be determined by Management Science. Only FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY can supply this deep-seated BUSINESS WISDOM of ACCURATE TIMING.

There is a time to sow and a time to reap. There are many secrets of setting up a favourable ASTROLOGICAL CORPORATION CHART. These secrets are largely unknown to the "GURUS" of Management Science in the Western world. One important secret when starting a new company is that it should be launched during the period of the expanding MOON. This is the period of 15 days from the time of the New Moon to the Full Moon. There are many other secrets, but this is a basic factor which can never be ignored. Thus, there is a time to go into business, and a time to avoid it, a time to look for a position and a time not to look for it.

Let us now consider the question of BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP. The 7th House deals with business partnership, while the 10th House represents profession. As the 10th House governs trade, commerce and business activities, and many businessmen do business with business partners, we must study the 7th House in the birth chart of the subject. Those natives (subjects) having malefics or naturally evil planets like Mars, and Saturn in the 7th House should not have a business partnership. Either the partner will let him down, the partnership will be broken or there will be a financial loss. Often the partners quarrel among themselves. It is my original research that sometimes the partners do not quarrel. And yet the business does not progress until the partnership is broken. The explanation could be that there are elusive astrological factors stopping the business from progressing.

A business partnership should never be started unless there are many favourable 7th House factors in the birth chart of the client. The astrologer has to decide: Is partnership desirable or undesirable? If the answer is negative, the client should not start a business partnership under any circumstances.

"There is nothing in the three worlds for knowledge besides the hand, which is given to mankind like a book to read"

I have had many years of experience in analyzing business partnerships for my clients. Many of my clients are Chinese and they are fond of business partnership in Singapore and Malaysia. It is common "wisdom" that having business partnerships is either a must or desirable. Management Science says that many businesses cannot expand without a business partnership. Many clients have consulted reputable management consultants who advised them to go into business partnerships. Yet, when the 7th House was badly afflicted in the birth chart, invariably the client came to grief as a result of listening to the management consultant. Management consultants would be able to give more perceptive and accurate advice on this subject of business partnership if they had sound knowledge of FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY.

There is an easy way to tell from the hands that the person should avoid a business partnership. If there is a mole or spot on the 2nd or 3rd phalanges of Mercury or little finger, the person should avoid a business partnership. Please refer to Figure 2. A mole on the Mercury Mount which is the mount under the little finger will give the same result. Management consultants having such features in their hands themselves suffered heavy financial losses when they ventured into business partnerships.

Scientific Palmistry and Astrology can me most useful in terms of personnel selection. The hand has a psychological significance and it helps in psycho-analysis. One key to the MIND is the HANDS, a perfect MIRROR giving insight into the working of the human mind. People can easily change facial expressions. But they cannot change the palm lines instantly. The hand reveals the candidate as he is, not as how may pretend to be. The hand is a useful tool by way of self-assessment and self-development. Professions and trade for which a person is fitted can be read from the hand by a careful, thorough examination of the dominant finger and the MOUNT at the base of it. We also have to study the Head Line (Line of Mentality) and the thumb.

Scientific methods of personnel selection may not be sufficient to assess the true nature and potential of the candidate. RESUMES may be a combination of white lies on white paper. The world would be marvellous if all new candidates lived up to half of the promise made on their resumes.

Personnel managers cannot afford to make mistakes in personnel selection. Doctors bury their mistakes, but the mistakes of the Personnel Department may have to be transferred to other departments! The worker may even decide to sue the company. RODGER's 7 point plan and FRASER's 5 point plan may not reveal the true capabilities of the candidate. The personnel department has a most difficult task. It deals with PEOPLE, the only aspect of the business industry which has not improved over the last 200 years. Personnel managers are the prime movers of people. We all know how difficult it is to get some people to move! Scientific Astrology and Hand Analyst (Palmistry) can be very useful tools indeed in supplementing the Scientific methods of personnel selection, like the Interview, the Job Application Form, the Resume and Psychological Tests. What a criminal waste if the wrong person is given an important job position for which he has no aptitude! The best use of human resources is essential to the national interest. Astrology and Hand Analysis can help the Personnel Department tremendously in finding the right people in the right job at the right time.

Let us take a concrete example. The MOUNT connected with PERSONNEL is the SATURN MOUNT. Kindly look at Figure 1 again. This mount is influenced by the planet Saturn. It is placed under the second or long middle finger. The following favourable signs strengthen the SATURN MOUNT - triangle, square, trident and a clear vertical line. Should the SATURN MOUNT be normally developed with favourable signs on it and the JUPITER MOUNT also be favourable, the person can do well as a PERSONNEL MANAGER.

He will enjoy his work and have a natural aptitude for choosing the right staff for the right jobs. Thus the PERSONNEL MANAGER must be a POSITIVE SATURNIAN. The Saturnian has a well-developed, long middle (Saturn) finger. It should be long and straight. Preferably, the other fingers should LEAN on the Saturn finger. Then if the Saturn Mount is also favourable, then the subject is a TRUE, POSITIVE SATURNIAN.

The Jupiter Mount is found under the FIRST (index) finger. It represents LEADERSHIP. The planet SATURN represents SUBORDINATES. So we can easily understand why a combination of favourable Jupiter and Saturn Mounts will make a candidate suitable for the very important position of PERSONNEL MANAGER. A GRILLE on the Saturn Mount will weaken it, and surely make the Personnel Manager most miserable in his job.

All this can be confirmed by the horoscope on birth chart. An outstanding Personnel Manager will have the planets Jupiter and Saturn well placed in strong houses and favourable Zodiac signs. Also the planet Saturn will have some connection by aspect or conjunction, with the 10th House, the House of Profession, is astrology. The connection may be direct or indirect.

In astrology, the 6th House deals with personnel. It reveals the working conditions of employees, and labour disturbances. A successful Personnel Manager should have STRONG, favourable 6th House. If malefic (evil planets) like MARS and RAHU are sitting in the 6th House, the Personnel Manager will have frequent trouble with employees. RAHU is called "CAPUT DRACONIS" by Western astrologers.

The head of an international executive search firm estimates that as many as 20% of the large German, Swiss and Scandinavia firms get an astrological reading on executive candidates before hiring them. But the Board of Directors will never admit openly. For is someone wanted to make trouble for a company, a shareholder could call a meeting and say the Board of Directors took advice from an astrologer!

The palms and horoscope of metaphorically X-ray the candidate's mind. The existing methods of personnel selection in modern management are excellent. But if they are supplemented by the judicious use of Scientific Astrology and Hand Analysis, the Personnel Manager will become a BLACK BELT in Management Science. The time will surely come when Astrology and Palmistry will be widely and openly used on the recruitment of managers. The Personnel Management will be based on the HIRING AND FIRING BY THE STARS!

Let us now consider the question of LEADERSHIP. Are leaders born or made? This is indeed a perplexing question. A manager need not necessarily be a leader. But an effective leader can also be a good manager. Combinations showing leadership in Astrology and Hand Analysis can be strengthened by training.

Figure 5

Look at Figure 5. It shows the typical hand features of an outstanding effective business and management leader.

These are the features:

  • The head line (Line of Mentality) starts from the Mount of Jupiter.

  • A clear long branch of the Head Line rises to the Mount of Jupiter.

  • The Sun Line ends on the Jupiter Mount.

  • The Fate Line ends on the Jupiter Mount.

  • This refers to the Jupiter Mount. It will be well formed and elevated in the hand.

Confirmation will surely be provided by the horoscope. This leader will have the planet Jupiter very strongly and favourable placed in the chart. As Sun represents Management Science, the planet Sun will also be very well placed in the chart. Thus Jupiter could be exalted in the Zodiac Sign of CANCER, while Sun will be exalted in Aries.

Let us consider Astrology with regards to DECISION MAKING. Experts say that these elements go into making a decision, defining the problem, gathering relevant information and logically analyzing the data. Then the options are weighed and analyzed. The work of a manager is constant decision making. What to do, how to do it, when to do it, and sometimes even who to blame when it doesn't work!

Astrology will definitely help the manager make better decisions. The correct interpretation of the birth chart correlated preferably with the company chart will tell the manager which is the best option to pursue. The one correct decision to make will be revealed in the horoscope with startling accuracy. If the manager is thinking of making a major decision, and his planetary position is bad, the wise manager will delay making the decision. Once the decision is made based upon a deep interpretation of the horoscope, the manager can have the confidence that it is a very high probability or near certainty the outcome would be a success. As the horoscope sees the FUTURE, it is possible to integrate the past, present and future through the Science of Astrology.

Management experts say that it may be necessary to fail often before you succeed. With the aid of Astrology, the percentage of wrong decisions will be drastically reduced. The horoscope and palms see very deep into the factors, that constitute the elements of decision making. It is fair comment to say that Astrology sees much further than modern management science as regards decision making. With Astrology, a manager can implement a decision on a specific day at a very precise time, thus increasing radically the chances of success.

It is a fact that the Stock Market is influenced by planetary forces. The 5th House in a birth chart refers to speculation. If the 5th House and its ruler are severely afflicted, the person should avoid speculation totally. If the 5th House and its ruler are favourably disposed, the person can gain considerably from speculation. The gains van be substantial if the person runs a favourable planetary period.

The billionaire financier, J P MORGON, used to consult Evangeline Adams regularly regarding Stock Market investments. Evangeline Adams was a famous American astrologer. J P Morgan, a hard-nosed financial wizard, made this memorable statement "Millionaires don't hire astrologers, billionaires do." On 08/08/1987, Crawford, a business astrologer, wrote that a terrible Stock Market crash would soon take place. Events proved him right, while many reputable Stock Market analysts did not foresee the 1987 crash that shook the world's Stock Markets.

"There is nothing like a horoscope for the acquisition of wealth, it is a boat in a sea of troubles, and it is a guide in the journey of life"

Within the next 50 years of so, the ancient Science of Astrology will regain dignity and respect it commended in the past. Emperors, Kings, Statesmen and at least 6 Popes were happy to propagate Astrology. Unfortunately, along came the quacks who made a laughing stock of Astrology. The Science fell into gross disrepute. But with the advent of the Computer Age, astrology will make a major come-back. The computer cannot interpret the chart, but it can give the mathematical planetary positions within a few minutes.

Astrology is invaluable in predicting earthquakes, planning agricultural operations, vocational counselling, and as a brilliant tool in business management. The areas in life to which Astrology can be applied are practically limitless. Astrology attracted the attention of Dr Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Acero, Claudius Ptolemy, Sir Isaac Newton as well as great thinkers of the East.

Astrology will help the manager to gain an insight into individual motive and character which no other science can afford. He will not become obsessed by ambitions beyond his power to achieve. He will not invest capital where interest will not be secured. He will be in the happy position of seeing the end from the beginning. He will find causes for inexplicable things. He will be able to foresee and make use of all benefit influences operating through his own environment. There are certain things which even the most brilliant manager cannot foresee, but these are often seen clearly in the horoscope.

Prejudice and Ignorance are the twin giants that block the path of the world's progress. The Light of Reason and the Arrows of Truth are slowly defeating them. All that is necessary to determine the sublime truth of Astrology as a Science is a fair, thorough investigation, of its methods and principles by scientific men.

Astrology is a supra science, the Science of Sciences. By ignoring it, Management Science is the poorer for it. There will be a revolution in Management thinking once Astrology is widely practised by managers. In the future, the wise manager will combine the wisdom of Astrology with the techniques of modern Management Science. Thus he will get the best of both worlds. Reading hundreds of books on Management Science does not necessarily give Business Wisdom. But definitely there is a lot of Business wisdom in a horoscope. This Business Wisdom can be revealed to the subject with the interpretation and help of a highly competent business astrologer.

Kalidas, a famous ancient Sanskrit poet and astrologer said thousands of years ago, "There is nothing in the three worlds for knowledge besides the hand, which is given to mankind like a book to read". Another ancient Indian astrologer wrote, "There is nothing like a horoscope for the acquisition of wealth, it is a boat in a sea of troubles, and it is a guide in the journey of life".

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