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Please read through the type of consultations below and select which consultation you want. Contact Astrologer Yaschpaule to make an appointment. All fees are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

Consultations are strictly by appointment and only at the office. Consultations will not be done by e-mail or postal correspondence. Please do not send any form of payment by post under any circumstances.

Fees (RM) Type of Consultation Time Taken
201.00 next 3 years' analysis
about 3 hours
273.00 next 6 years' analysis
about 4 hours
327.00 next 9 years' analysis
about 5 hours
723.00 next 21 years' analysis
about 6 hours
795.00 Detailed Hand Analysis
  • One dasa (major planetary period) also analysed in great depth, if correct date, time and place of birth are supplied by the client.

about 7 hours
993.00 Complete Analysis
  • Exhaustive scientific hand analysis, numerology, face reading, remedial measures according to Indian Astrology, selections of Astrological gemstones to minimise planetary influences and advanced techniques of analysis.
  • All future Dasas (major planetary periods) analysed in great detail, compatible Zodiac signs, auspicious numbers, dates and colours.
  • Business partnership analysed in depth, at least 3 Charts will be drawn for the Complete Analysis.
  • The advanced Charts will give a complete picture of your destiny. The Complete Analysis will help you make accurate, wise decisions in all aspects of life at the right time.

about 9 hours*
201.00 Astrological Remedies
  • For an existing client - The client has to bring their old horoscope to consult about astrological remedies.
  • For a new client - The client has to take an astrological consultation (except Complete Analysis) in addition to the astrological remedies. Please add the price and time taken for an astrological consultation with the price and time taken for astrological remedies.
    (For example: A next 9 years' consultation with astrological remedies will cost RM 528.00 and takes about 6 hours.)

about 2-3 hours

*You need not be present all the time. After spending 1 hour with the astrologer, you can go away for 6 hours and return for the 2 hours when the results will be revealed in cassette tape.

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