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Astrologer Yaschpaule invites you to explore the Wisdom of ancient Indian Vedic Astrology

Indian Astrology is the oldest, most brilliant and remarkably accurate astrology in the world. Many Western astrologers are switching to Indian Astrology. Indian Astrology is about 24,000 years old. It has been fine tuned over a very long period of time. It is taught at university level in some universities in India.

The mind produces the palm lines. The subconscious mind reveals the future. Indian Astrology is very different from newspaper "astrology". The electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields of the planets affect our human magnetic fields. Indian Astrology is definitely non-religious.

May the Planets bless all of you with Health, Happiness and Success.
- Yaschpaule

Astrology, Money Prospects and Management Science

Astrologer Yaschpaule has written many articles on Indian astrology and palmistry. He has written a very popular article about Astrology, Money Prospects and Management Science for MCB University Press, England.
Your Destiny and Scientific Hand Analysis Book Cover

Your Destiny And Scientific Hand Analysis

Yaschpaule is the author of Your Destiny And Scientific Hand Analysis. It is published by Longmans, ISBN 983 74 1857 5 . You can purchase this book from any leading book store in Malaysia and Singapore. This book is also sold in India. The Indian publisher is Motilal Banarsidass.

Look at your palms. Check your palms for some of these signs of wealth shown on pages 57-58 of his book.

Signs of Wealth
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